Why Copley Raff?

Why Copley Raff?

Raise Sights… Reach Goals

When you can envision success, the challenges that may exist are diminished and overcome with the force that is generated by the vision and leadership.
-Larry G. Raff, MPH

Dream Aspire and AchieveWe believe nonprofit organizations, as well as the people who support and work for them, are central to a civil society and exemplify our nation at its very best. Their missions touch every facet of our lives, inspiring the success of our citizens and country. They deserve our admiration and finest support.

Copley Raff is more than just your trusted advisor and creator of plans. We think creatively and our approach to working with clients is based on proven, hands-on beliefs worthy of your mission.

That mindset is conveyed to you, our client, by helping you Raise Your Sights in every possible way. In fact, our mission in every interaction is to help nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions by meeting ambitious goals, aligning their leadership, elevating fundraising, and activating the brilliance of their teams.  It’s a bold promise but one that we know will serve you and your organization’s mission in a way that will deliver tangible and meaningful results – the kind of results that make a real difference!


When you and your leaders think bigger, bigger things happen. A bolder vision and higher goals give you the ability to inspire your stakeholders and donors to see the future in a more grand light. It emboldens you to set higher goals and to ask for larger gifts. Donors respond with deeper commitment, and their philanthropic leadership will inspire others in kind.

Copley Raff will show your organization how to reach for greater goals that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Elevate CapacityCopley Raff emphatically believes that setting higher goals is only the start for your organization. It is essential to put in place the operational capacity and leadership to achieve it. It is one thing to think bigger, but it’s another to deliberately and deterministically insure that the environment, operations and staff are appropriately organized, sized and trained to make it happen.

Aligning leadership is central to fundraising success. Your volunteers and executives need to understand the complexity of your work and the objectives that need to be supported through philanthropy. The mechanics of fundraising need to be explained, demystified, and demonstrated to each individual to show them how helpful they can be throughout their day-to-day professional and personal lives. Once everyone’s eye is on the same ball, success is more likely.

To elevate fundraising capacity we rigorously work with you to assess your operations by measuring and quantifying your functions, results and strategy. Once we have assessed your operational opportunities, gaps and redundancies, we work with you to properly match staff talent with functions and responsibilities. We also evaluate and create a fundraising pathway plan that provides a dynamic and evolving path to reaching your objectives and goals. Finally, we make sure that your fundraising objectives are described in a compelling way and the people who work with donors are properly aligned and trained to be successful.

Whether you need a comprehensive realignment of your advancement operations, or help developing and executing a campaign, Copley Raff will provide the know-how, motivation, tools and hard work that are needed to succeed.

Reveal your BrillianceManagement’s job is to help their staff succeed. As positions and people evolve, it is important to learn the strengths and challenges each staff member brings to their position and to ensure they are aligned with job expectations. After all, they were hired in the first place because they brought value and talent to a role that needed to be fulfilled.

Through our exclusive training and coaching approaches Copley Raff will bring out the inherent brilliance of each staff member. Our methods identify and help eliminate old, unconscious paradigms and assumptions which limit fundraising success. As a result, team members are more confident and prepared to move the needle in ways not considered possible before.

We believe it is essential to invest in your team to help them be more productive, happier, and to develop their talent and strengths.

Moving the NeedleMake Big Things Happen

Ultimately we work in an industry where performance is measured primarily by fundraising results. But advancement is a team sport, and it is the team, of which Copley Raff is a part, that will make big change financially and insure your mission is further advanced.

Our baseline for service is to exceed your expectations. Our clients consistently tell us that we attain this. This is made possible because Copley Raff consultants are experts at both fundraising and management consulting by way of our direct field experience and well-informed insights. As your partner, we roll up our sleeves along with you and your team to figure out what needs to be done and then how to get it done.

There are many ways Copley Raff helps organizations make big change. For example:

Special Olympics of Massachusetts had no previous experience raising major gifts from individuals or foundations. Working with Copley Raff, they achieved an aspirational $7 million campaign led by seven and six figure gifts from new friends by way of a re-energized board.

We encouraged the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) to pursue additional streams of revenue beyond the handful of typical government and foundation funders. In conjunction, we moved the board to create a separate foundation and consulting group to maximize net revenue and create an advancement enterprise for the first time.

Baptist Health South Florida is the largest healthcare provider in South Florida. Copley Raff led their Foundation to realize their fundraising potential by helping them create a pathway to success. They increased their philanthropic revenues by more than 80% in two years and more than 100% in three years and beyond, halved their ‘cost-to-raise-a-buck’ and launched a $200 million campaign in 2015 – more than 10 times the size of their previous campaign.

We helped Temple Sinai, a Brookline, MA synagogue, raise their sites to envision a $2.5 million campaign – more than $1 million more than any before. Then we helped them to exceed the goal through tremendous volunteer leadership made possible through hands-on planning, coaching and training by Copley Raff.

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