What is a Master Gift Officer?

What is a Master Gift Officer?

MGO-MasterImageDriven by a desire to understand and cultivate the fundamental principles for advancement officers to achieve optimal fundraising success in an ever-more challenging environment, Copley Raff created the Master Gift Officer role and specialized education program in 2009. More than just a Major Gift Officer, the Master Gift Officer possesses complete knowledge and skill in the Art and Science of fundraising. We employ neuro and behavioral science and training techniques to help advancement professionals embody new competencies that will accelerate relationship building and add value to relationships with donors, co-workers, family and friends.

Becoming a Master Gift Officer is the ultimate professional development – prepared to revolutionize donor relationships, execute fail-proof asks, and ensure sweeping enhancements to fundraising outcomes.

Master Gift Officers demonstrate at least ten of the following skills and traits:

  1. Everyone can become an MGOA clear sense of purpose and the conviction that their work contributes to them having a meaningful life
  2. A genuine passion, commitment, and knowledge surrounding the cause for which they develop funds
  3. The skill to establish genuine rapport almost instantly with just about anyone
  4. The ability to create and sustain meaningful long-term relationships with people who have a wide range of personality types and diverse cultural backgrounds
  5. The ability to listen with an interested and open mind, and in turn, be nonjudgmental and authentically caring about others
  6. Possess intellectual curiosity, disciplined learning, and the ability to rapidly integrate knowledge
  7. Routinely demonstrate excellence as a leader, collaborator and team builder
  8. Possess exceptional communication skills with the ability to inspire and motivate through both logic and emotion
  9. Embody confidence, comfort and true pleasure in skillfully asking for gifts of all sizes and types
  10. Execute on the deep understanding of institutional priorities and giving vehicles¸ and the discipline to create and implement cultivation and solicitation strategies
  11. Practice total respect and commitment to ethical philanthropy professional practices and conduct
  12. Radiate immense energy, self-motivation, and dedication to goal achievement
  13. Act upon high emotional and social intelligence
  14. Possess a sincere and positive attitude. An MGO routinely sees possibilities and expresses optimism
  15. Consistently follows through in all endeavors. An MGO takes responsibility and closes the loops

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