What is a Master Gift Officer™ ?

What is a Master Gift Officer ?

Master Gift Officers demonstrate at least ten of the following skills and traits:

  1. Everyone can become an MGOPURPOSE & CONVICTION:  A clear sense of purpose and the conviction that their work contributes to having a meaningful life.
  2. PASSION FOR MISSION:  A genuine passion, commitment, and knowledge for the fundraising purpose.
  3. RAPPORT UNIVERSALITY:  The skill to establish genuine rapport rapidly with just about anyone.
  4. RELATIONSHIP DIVERSITY:  The ability to create and sustain meaningful long-term relationships with people who have a wide range of personality types and diverse cultural backgrounds.
  5. AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT:  Actively listens with interest and open mind, and be nonjudgmental and authentically care about others.
  6. INTELLECTUAL PURSUIT:  Has intellectual curiosity, engages in disciplined learning, and rapidly integrates knowledge.
  7. LEADERSHIP:  Routinely demonstrate excellence as a leader, collaborator and team builder.
  8. INSPIRES AND MOTIVATES:  Has exceptional communication skills with the ability to inspire and motivate through both logic and emotion.
  9. ASKS WITH PLEASURE:  Embodies confidence, comfort and true pleasure in skillfully asking for gifts of all sizes and types.
  10. EXECUTES:  Executes on the deep understanding of institutional priorities and giving vehicles¸ and has the discipline to create and implement cultivation and solicitation strategies.
  11. ETHICAL:  Exhibits total respect and commitment to ethical philanthropy professional practices and conduct.
  12. SELF-DRIVEN:  Radiates immense energy, self-motivation, and dedication to goal achievement.
  13. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE:  Acts upon high emotional and social intelligence.
  14. POSITIVE:  Has a sincere and positive attitude and routinely sees possibilities and expresses optimism.
  15. FOLLOW THROUGH:  Consistently follows through in all endeavors. An MGO takes responsibility and closes the loops.

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