Capacity & Sustainability

Capacity and Sustainability

Reduce Your Cost-to-Raise-a-Dollar

Aspire > Sustain > Grow > Transform describes the lifecycle of most organizations and their Advancement priorities. Copley Raff’s senior consultants provide a holistic and broad array of capacity building and sustainability guidance, training, leadership and skill in addressing many development matters along this continuum.

Building Capacity & Sustainability is at the heart of ALL of Copley Raff’s strategic and tactical services – to elevate fundraising performance and lower the operational cost-to-raise-a-dollar while ensuring long-term sustainability for your organization.

Capacity & Sustainability asks and challenges you to look at:

Do you have enough staff talent, donors, budget, leadership, fundraising channels, and articulated reasons to raise money?

Are you able to maximize your resources over a sustained period?

Do you have a smart strategy and enough resources to support it?

Are your events properly designed and aligned with your mission and advancement plan?

If you have a good strategy, then you are more likely to attract operating capital from your CEO/Board, because you will attract even more fundraising capital.

Capacity & Sustainability services promote a virtuous cycle of success and sustainability for your organization!



Capacity Elements (In addition to ALL other Services)

Investment ROI

It Takes Money to Raise Money

How much growth can we expect from our investments?

Like all enterprises, you need to invest in order to succeed.  Copley Raff will help your leadership understand what is the reasonable expectation for the return on investment (ROI) on a multi-year basis while working from a strong plan.

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Data Analytics

Every Data File Tells a Story

Large and small donor files alike can be mined for key information to inform strategy and produce management reports to make your shop and efforts more efficient.  Copley Raff’s data analytics will make your donor files sing and help you adjust your tactics for greatest outcomes.

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Build Your Team

Reveal Their Brilliance

Your team members want to be successful, but sometimes they need clear direction, measurable objectives and coaching.  Copley Raff will help reveal the brilliance of each team member and help to align them with their responsibilities and provide tools, techniques and strategies so they can succeed.

A well-prepared, trained and directed team will most assuredly improve your cost-to-raise-a dollar by orders of magnitude.

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Executive Placement

Get it Right the First Time

Copley Raff is not a high volume “placement” firm. We are a nonprofit management and fundraising consulting firm that does executive search to fill key positions with professionals who are able to emerge from our highly informed and rigorous screening process.  We often do not even consider candidates that get placed by other search firms for similar positions.

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Fundraising and Cultivation Events Must Be Done Well

Fundraising events can be very important for organizations to generate both financial support and mission awareness, and to attract new supporters to their cause. We are deeply committed to helping mission-driven, nonprofit organizations that conduct fundraising events to raise their sights and reach their goals.  Copley Raff conducts event audits and evaluation as well as event design and management. Our objective is to help organizations conduct efficient and distinguished events while attracting new donors and making current donors proud of their support.

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