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Limited License, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement

Limited License, Confidentiality & Non‑disclosure Agreement

Limited License

By selecting ‘Accept’, you (Evaluator) have successfully established an account enabling you to evaluate Copley Raff’s Major Gift Calculator (Calculator) and are lawfully granted a license to use the Calculator for a period of three months. Copley Raff (CRI) grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable license to use the Calculator solely for your organization’s fundraising purposes, so long as you maintain an authorized account and with your full compliance with the terms and conditions stated below. You may not use the Calculator for any other purpose, or in connection with any other purpose. Evaluator will not share login credentials with other members of their organization without prior permission via email from CRI.

Mutual Confidentiality & Non-disclosure

Copley Raff Inc. (CRI) and Evaluator mutually agree that the terms and conditions of this agreement are confidential.

CRI acknowledges that Evaluator will be entering donor information into the Calculator as part of this evaluation process. CRI will preserve the confidentiality of all information disclosed to them as part of the Calculator evaluation. CRI covenants and warrants that it and its agents shall not share or divulge any confidential information provided by the Evaluator with unauthorized third parties without Evaluator’s written permission and that it will make all reasonable efforts, through a multi-layered and robust security structure, to protect such information or data from unauthorized access at all times while it is in CRI’s possession. Information and data covered by this paragraph shall include donor information and gift histories, internal information, financial information, and any other information used with the Calculator.

Evaluator acknowledges that they are evaluating a product prototype that is not commercialized with features and functions that may or may not be publicly released. Evaluator will not disclose the existence, features, functions, or any other detail about the Calculator to anyone outside their organization and only to those inside their organization with a need to know.