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Obama and plouffe


  1. Wayne Craig

    I think that incresed giving at year-end is the result of the following:
    1. Guilt resulting from not responding to the dozens of direct mail and broadcast appeals concentrated at year-end.
    2. Procrastination from good intentions throughout the year finally yielding to the volume of focus at year-end.
    3. The need to help small organizations balance their budgets or complete that crtical project by a time certain.
    4. A recognized season in our culture and reliegious beliefs to focus on helping others.
    Wayne Craig, Ex. Dir.
    Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation

  2. John Nissenbaum @MIT

    I believe it's the same reason people give on June 29th to charities with July to June fiscal years – and also why people don't pay their tax bills until April 15; they want to retain the use of their money to maximize its value, perhaps to invest it for growth. Whether or not they actually do this is in part secondary, many people will hang on until the last moment.

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