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Trusted fundraising management and campaign consulting for nonprofit organizations throughout the nation.

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We provide comprehensive and effective management and fundraising consulting services including Advancement Pathway Planning, Capacity & Sustainability, Campaigns, Training & Coaching and much more.

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Agency Overview

We serve nonprofit organizations nationwide and internationally in virtually every sector and with campaigns of all sizes. We’ve valuably served hundreds of organizations with many on a recurring basis.

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We’re more than just a consultant that validates your plans. We work intimately with you to Raise Your Sights across your entire enterprise so you can Reach Your Goals.

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We become part of your team and ensure your leadership standing is elevated within your organization. Through deep and comprehensive discovery, we plot a course, and align staff to reach objectives and goals.

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We are among the foremost thinkers in the nation on advancement with fresh perspectives and uncommon expertise. Among many others examples, we created the highly acclaimed Master Gift OfficerTM distinction and training, the GivingTake blog and are leading-edge thinkers on major donor pipeline development.

What’s on your mind?


What’s working and what needs improvement?

Strategic Planning

We need to evolve to survive and thrive

Tactical Planning

We have a strategic plan. How do we get there?

Feasibility Study

Are we ready for a campaign?

Campaign Study

What’s the goal and best plan for success?

Campaign Leadership

We need someone to coach and partner with leadership

Major Donors

We need more!

Direct Mail

How can we leverage direct mail for major giving?


How do we craft major gift asks and gift amounts?


We need a better Donor Relationship Management system

Data Analytics

How do we use our donor data to optimize fundraising?

Broaden Team

How do I assess and optimize my team?

Executive Placement

We need strong leadership for our development team

Become a Master Gift Officer

How can I develop my fundraising technique and confidence to the highest level?

Team & Personal Coaching

We need to address specific challenges and opportunities

Board Training

How do I get leadership aligned with development objectives?

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Together We Can Make Big Things Happen. Let’s see what makes sense for you!

Varessa K. Wall, Director of Development, Vidant Health Foundation

Having been in the non-profit sector for over 20 years, I have worked with many third-party consultants, including those that are nationally and internationally recognized. For the last three years, I have had the pleasure of working with Copley Raff on a variety of projects such as feasibility studies, capital campaigns, and professional coaching sessions. From my experience, Copley Raff is the best consulting firm that I have ever worked with, from their vast knowledge and expertise to implementing the best strategies and plans to ensure success with campaigns and major gift fundraising. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for counsel to assist with any philanthropic ventures their organization may be pursuing.

Core Services

Advancement Pathway Planning

Dynamic, aspirational, detailed, inclusive, living planning process.


Planned, feasible, realistic, engaging, stakeholder inclusive, leadership and case centric.

Capacity & Sustainability

Directed, growth and action oriented, pivotal adjustments and initiatives, tools, sustainable.

Maximize Major Donor Pipeline

Methodical, researched, stakeholder inclusive, relationship centric, actionable.

Master Gift Officer

Become a Master Gift Officer

Exclusively created and refined by Copley Raff, the Master Gift OfficerTM is the ultimate opportunity for Advancement professional development.  Master Gift Officers are prepared to revolutionize donor relationships, execute successful asks, and ensure sweeping enhancements to fundraising outcomes.

GivingTake Blog

There Are Good Reasons for Fundraisers to Understand the American Muslim Community

Within 30 years the Muslim community is set to become the second largest religious group in the US, surpassing the Jewish community. Why is this important when we are talking about fewer than 4 million people growing to only 8 million people by 2050?

Mosh Pit of Worthy Causes

We are experiencing a “mosh pit” of nonprofits trying to get our attention, to stand out from the pit in the hope to attract more contributions. When I am bombarded with advertising, cause promotions, direct mail appeals, email appeals and other creative efforts by a vast array of causes, I conjure an image of thousands of people in a crowd carrying the celebrity of the moment over their heads until they disappear back into the crowd – to be followed by another.  The moment is fleeting.

Is Philanthropy An Answer to Inequality?

I write this on the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.  His murder – one of the first of a black man by police to be viewed in high-definition video – along with the Covid pandemic, has catalyzed a reexamination of how communities of color and other minority groups have been marginalized in our nation.  The resulting demand for social and economic equality and justice is righteous and must succeed.

Greater Economic Equity will be Our Bread and Butter

Let’s face it, as fundraisers, our success lies with the largesse and generosity of people in the top 2% of wealth – those with annual incomes greater than $400,000. In the alchemy of our economy, all equations balance in the end … so if wealth is concentrated in one place, there is an absence of wealth in others.