The best architectural firms convene their staffs to no-holds barred discussions on how to meet facility requirements creatively, aesthetically, efficiently, effectively, and at cost.

In keeping with this model, Copley Raff offers its Philanthropy Design Studio to help you achieve optimal development results for all of our services. 

Whether you’re conceptualizing a development project or you’ve retained CRI to lead an initiative, what better way to begin than by asking what if?

At your office, or ours, our team of seasoned and creative consultants will engage your staff and volunteer leadership to be creative, think big, think smart, and think wisely. At the end of the day you’ll have the core of your achievable and ambitious Development Strategy … and the satisfaction of knowing you left no stone unturned as you explored, prodded, and laughed at the status quo.

Advancement Pathway Planning

Dynamic, aspirational, detailed, inclusive, living planning process.


Planned, feasible, realistic, engaging, stakeholder inclusive, leadership and case centric.

Capacity & Sustainability

Directed, growth and action oriented, pivotal adjustments and initiatives, tools, sustainable.

Maximize Major Donor Pipeline

Methodical, researched, stakeholder inclusive, relationship centric, actionable.

Advancement Tools

Comprehensive, user-friendly, practical, management and metric oriented.


Training & Coaching

Customized, focused, engaging, interactive, empowering, success oriented.

Executive Search & Interim Leadership

Need oriented, thorough, highly vetted, partnership and longevity oriented.

Direct Response Marketing

Full-service, donor experience and lifetime value focus, uncommon wisdom, unparalleled success.

Healthcare | Grateful Patients

Clinician driven, highly supported, feedback constant, recognition widespread.