Advancement Pathway Planning

Pathway PlanningHow Could Development be Better?

Strategic Advancement Pathway Plans are essential for organizations to map their future – a good one will continuously Raise Sights and enable you to Reach Goals!

Pathways always have curves, steep hills to climb and forks in the road which you will need to deal with in real time. The creation and use of a Pathway in your advancement work is most certainly an ongoing, real time dynamic process. Much as an operational plan may get referred to quarterly, semi-annually or annually, Pathway plans also demand tools and mechanisms to continuously determine where you are on the path and what curves may lay ahead.

Copley Raff oversees and directs this dynamic and aspirational process, and assists with the design and execution of the resulting strategies. Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of organizations seeking to create a comprehensive three-to-five-year advancement strategic plan. In some case we may even focus on the organization’s overall planning needs.

We start the process by interviewing your leaders and conducting an in-depth assessment of your organization’s strengths, opportunities and challenges. We help you to articulate key objectives, plan for measurable outcomes, and develop operational, staffing and financial strategies.

Your Advancement Pathway will require monthly review of performance and environmental touch points. You will be equipped with tools to enable you to do these reviews in stride and to adjust your path. Your Pathway planning will also regularly include internal and external players. Needless to say, working with an Advancement Pathway will make for much more dynamic advancement committee and board meetings.



Rigorous. Comprehensive. Inclusive.

Are you trying to respond to the challenges of the pandemic?

Are things good and you want to get to the next level of performance?

Is your Development effort floundering and you need to get things moving again?

Our Development Assessment will help you determine what is working, needs improvement and is missing from your effort to improve your overall performance, especially during the time of COVID-19.

Our assessment process is rigorous, comprehensive, and involves key stakeholders from your organization.  Our reports are highly tailored to your situation.  They describe each element of your operation and organizational situation, point out opportunities and challenges, and provide recommendations for courses of action.  Based on history and recommendations, we provide a 5-year revenue and expense plan. Our report also addresses how best to align leadership, staff and volunteers to reach objectives and goals.

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Aspirational Planning

How Much Bigger & Better Could We Be?

Determine the level of performance that is possible for your organization and chart a pathway to achieve it.

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Strategic Planning

Looking Ahead to Stay Ahead

Strategic planning forces your leaders and key stakeholders to take stock of the ever-changing social and economic environment in light of the opportunities and challenges ahead.  Copley Raff will facilitate and lead your planning process resulting in articulation of near and long-term objectives as well as strategies to attain them.

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Tactical Planning

Mapping How to Accomplish Objectives

Copley Raff’s deep understanding and experience in Development and Operations, as well as the ability to bring out the brilliance of Advancement staff enables us to help you articulate specific tactical objectives.  We will help you to define the actions, time lines, staff responsibilities, and performance outcomes to attain these objectives.

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Board & Leadership Planning

Understand your leadership environment, opportunities and challenges while articulating near and long-term objectives as well as strategies to attain them.

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Project Planning

Design start-up project pro forma, execution strategies and time lines while ensuring alignment with the broader organization and development plans.

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