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Strategic & Tactical Planning

Aspirations Need a Plan

Pathway Planning

Advancement Strategic & Tactical Plans are essential for organizations and advancement enterprises to map their future. A good plan will continuously Raise Sights and enable you to Reach Goals!

Our plans are not the kind that “sit on a shelf.” Each operating category (i.e. major and estate giving, events, board development, etc.) provide aspirational and tactical goals, measurable results to reach goals, and a timeline for each. It is a strategic and tactical plan that demands monthly attention and will result in success. To help you execute your plan, we provide valuable tools, to boot!

Planning Elements


Leave No Stone Unturned

A rigorous, comprehensive, and Inclusive assessment of the advancement operation and environment including interviews with key stakeholders from your organization.

Strategic Thinking

Aspirational and Tactical Goals

Copley Raff facilitates deep thinking by leadership that pushes “over the horizon” strategy. We conduct research and lead the planning process that results in aspirational and tactical goals for each operating function (ie. annual, major and estate giving, events, stewardship, etc.)

Tactical Elements

Mapping How to Accomplish Objectives

Copley Raff’s deep advancement understanding and experience, as well as our ability to bring out the brilliance of advancement staff, enables us to help you articulate specific tactical, measurable and sequenced objectives.

Board and Leadership Planning

Leaders Want to Know What to Do

Copley Raff presents the key elements and timeline of the plan to board and executive leaders, and articulates their individual roles and “how-to’s” in the plan’s success.

Together We Can Make Big Things Happen

Let’s talk and see what makes sense for your organization