planMGO Program

Copley Raff’s planMGO™ Program

Become a Master Gift Officer

planMGO logoThere has never been a more challenging fundraising environment. Top donors are highly sought after, new opportunities are fewer and the pressure to keep donor pipelines robust grows by the day. The competition for limited resources grows more intense each time another organization reaches out to your best prospects and donors. Becoming a Master Gift Officer is the pathway to success to rise above these challenges.

planMGO is an immersive training program that transforms development professionals into Master Gift Officers by reengineering the nature of their relationships with donors, goals, asks, and stewardship. The program is available to clients via customized classes.

Sample 4 Day Agenda

DAY 1 

Peak Learning
Paradigm Shift
Mission Alignment
Personal Mission
Rapport and Connection
Advanced Listening
Pacing and Leading


Donor Relationship Management
Calculating the Ask
Essential Leadership Skills
Demystifying Planned Giving
Applied Improv for Thriving Donor Relations


Postures for Success / Exercises
Ask Preparation for Fearless Fundraising
Gift Planning Essentials
Putting Relationship Science to Work


The Ask
Preparing to Talk About Money
Elements of the Ask

Benefits at a Glance

  • Guaranteed ROI results
  • Advanced rapport and EQ knowledge
  • Key relationship-building skills
  • Certificate for a high standard of performance
  • Potential CFRE credits

Student Testimonials