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Business tools for advancement
Copley Raff’s suite of homegrown Advancement Tools help assess needs, design and execute programs, and measure results. Combined with our counsel, coaching, and guidance we consistently deliver creative, efficient, focused … and successful advancement programs.

Success is always an Intentional Act!

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Tools by Function

Major Donor Pipeline Development

Prospect Discovery

Build a top donor candidates list. Establish criteria to identify your best donor candidates so you can focus and “fish where the fish are.”

Prospect Relationship Screening

Screen and filter top major donor candidates. A process for volunteers, executives and others to review the top major donor candidate list and easily indicate the depth of their relationships. Use to build engagement strategies and determine the interests of the candidate for further development.

Relationship Mapping Process and Report

Accelerate the assignment of volunteers to top donor candidates. An at-a-glance overview of the scope, depth, and nature of relationships between advancement volunteers/staff and major donor candidates. Accelerate the important and often laborious process of assigning the appropriate volunteer facilitators to top gift prospects, and use the map to help open doors for initial discovery meetings.

Corporate Sponsorship Engagement Matrix

Organize your multi-faceted sponsorship programs. Matrix for organizing and simplifying corporate sponsorship programs with annual and multi-year benefits, at various tiered options, for multiple events.

Case-Donor Matrix

Align donor candidate constituencies with fundraising priorities.

Donor Relationship Management

Donor Relationship Management

Elegantly simple and effective tool to document reciprocal moves in the gift-ask cycle, to quickly determine strategy effectiveness and course corrections necessary for successful outcomes.

Constituency Communication Planning

Optimize communications by constituency groups. Describe and detail the key characteristics and expectations of your organization’s donor constituency groups. Recommend communications with each group in ways that are most effective.

Advancement Management

Staffing Functional Mapping

Articulate all of the functions and responsibilities of your advancement office and assign primary and secondary responsibilities to each advancement staff member, senior administrator and volunteer committees. Identify voids and redundancies.

Benchmark-Based Budgeting

Framework that uses industry benchmarks to guide budget development. Establish a defendable rationale for budget expenses that are tied to revenue goals for each donor constituency group.

Giving Society Valuation and Fulfillment

Rational, budgeted approach to determine engagement opportunities for donors at various giving levels.

Gift Acceptance and Recognition Policies

Anticipate every contingency in accepting, recording, and recognizing gifts and donors.

Legacy Naming Opportunities Valuation Formulas

System for valuing different legacy naming opportunities.

Direct Mail Performance

Measure the effectiveness of your direct mail fundraising operations and results based on ten essential success benchmarks.

Incentive Compensation Matrix

Establish performance incentives for fundraising and teamwork using metrics and weightings in a way that can be retrieved easily through database queries.

Gift-Ask Calculator

Major Gift-Ask Calculator

Determine how much to ask major donors for multi-year pledges. Weigh the value and influence of 21-25 financial and relationship variables to provide an empirical basis and guidance for gift officers to determine The-Ask.

  1. A value for a multi-year gift goal
  2. An accurate and comfortable ask to achieve that goal
  3. An indication of too little hard data to move forward with a major Gift-Ask

The only tool of its kind available! Validated by more than 400 advancement officers.