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40 Years from the Front Lines

Personal encounters, insights and laughs from the “trenches” by
Larry G. Raff, President, Copley Raff

Count On Unpredictable Reactions To An Ask

The Importance of Street Research

Money Mishigoss

Know The Donor’s Source of Wealth

Don’t Make Assumptions About Donors

Past Performance Not An Indicator of the Future

Maximize Consultants With Major Asks


Value of a High Prestige Asker

Board Cognitive Dissonance About Fundraising

Institutional Self Esteem Greatly Affects Fundraising

Don’t Take Wealthy Chairs for Granted

Use Your Campaign Chair Wisely


Ask Staff For Donor Leads

3 Degrees of Separation

Build Major Donor Pipeline Creatively


Bonding Calls To Donors Are Centrally Important

Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Authentic Donor Relationships Are A Must

Q & A

Fundraising Structure Using Business Framework

Foundation Giving Forecast for 2022-2023

Nonprofit Mergers and Closures

Campaign Preparation and Phases

Pandemic Fundraising Adjustments and What Will Stick

The Role of Board Members in Fundraising and Campaigns

How to Handle an Ask Decline (Audio)

Blended Gifts Insights – Outright and Estate Giving (Audio)

Who Asks and Handling a Low Offer (Audio)

Donor Advised Fund Strategies (Audio)

CEO Reluctance to Help With Fundraising (Audio)

Virtual Gift Conversations: Pros & Cons (Audio)

Engaging Board Members in Fundraising (Audio)

The Power of the Right Asker (Audio)

Donor Lifetime Value (Audio)

Small/Medium NPO Advantages Building Pipeline (Audio)

Building Pipeline is Intentional & Continuous (Audio)

Donor Pipeline Don’ts and Mission Alignment (Audio)

Relationship Map for Building Portfolios (Audio)

Foundation Giving Forecast 2022-2023

Cultivate Individuals Not Institutions (Audio)

Defining Major, Leadership & Transformation Gifts (Audio)

Setting Goals for Pipeline and Discovery (Audio)

Major Donor Pipeline Definitions (Audio)

Knowing the Best Time to Ask for a Larger Gift (Audio)

Gauging Depth of Relationship Before Asking(Audio)

Value of Giving Societies to Increase Giving (Audio)

Engaging Board Members in Fundraising (Audio)