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Working With Us

Part of Your Team

Working with us at Copley Raff, Inc,

We are much more than your trusted advisors or validators. Copley Raff consultants become part of your team and ensure your leadership standing is elevated within your organization. First we listen, we meet, we discuss your opportunities and challenges… and then we provide you with a custom proposal that addresses your opportunities and needs. Then we discuss some more and decide, together, if we are a fit.

Assessment Process

Our assessment process is rigorous, comprehensive, and involves key stakeholders from your organization. Our reports are highly tailored to your situation. They describe each element of your operation and organizational situation, point out opportunities and challenges, and provide recommendations for courses of action. Based on history and recommendations, we also provide 5-year revenue and expense projections. Our report also addresses how best to align leadership, staff and volunteers to reach objectives and goals.

Pathway Planning

Copley Raff is typically asked to assist clients to implement the pathway plan recommendations. We become part of the team, work directly with staff, volunteers and executives, and employ Copley Raff’s many tools to optimize and measure performance.

Our pathway plans are highly regarded by our clients. These plans are living documents and become the go-to reference for staff and leadership. Our clients tell us that they find our perspectives refreshing, our expertise uncommon and our impact profound.

You can expect Copley Raff to be highly engaged, hands-on and an essential part of your team.

Together We Can Make Big Things Happen

Let’s talk and see what makes sense for your organization