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Aligning to Opportunity
Aligning to Opportunity
By Larry Raff In Posted August 9, 2016 0 Comments

Aligning to Opportunity

Partnership for Food Safety Education, Washington, DC


The Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE) is a national advocacy group based in Washington DC dedicated to ending illness and death from food borne infection in the USA.


PFSE wanted to attract new sponsors, funders, and members, increase their visibility, and lay the foundation for future programming. PFSE asked Copley Raff to analyze the organization’s systems and governance structures, and in turn, create a scalable, actionable long range plan to accomplish these key strategic initiatives.


Copley Raff began with a comprehensive analysis and adjustment of all of PFSE’s core organizational elements including:
• Mission statement and case for support
• Membership history
• Membership responsibilities and benefits


• The board accepted and implemented significant changes to its governing bylaws and organization
• Membership benefits, structure, and expectations were re-engineered to more significantly benefit both PFSE and partners
• Additional funding sources were identified, received, and integrated into long term strategic planning.
• PFSE launched a pilot program with potential national applications

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