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Breathing New Life into a Campaign
Breathing New Life into a Campaign
By Larry Raff In Posted August 9, 2016 0 Comments

Breathing New Life into a Campaign

Trinity Repertory Company, Providence, RI


Now in its 52nd season, the Trinity Repertory Company is home to one of the last remaining resident acting companies in the country, a wide range of public programming that brings thousands of people to the theater each year, the nationally renowned Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Programs in Acting and Directing, and so much more. Since [...]


Trinity Rep needed help to revitalize their campaign because the campaign and its leaders had lost focus and enthusiasm about keeping the campaign vital to the Company’s success.


Copley Raff met with leaders, reviewed campaign materials and assessed existing contribution activity. It was determined that many high capacity donors were not being approached. The campaign was reframed to be a comprehensive campaign rather than a targeted campaign, and the goal was raised in include annual giving, making it more justifiable to ask for larger gifts.

1. Resized the campaign to an $18 million comprehensive goal from $10 million, that included annual giving and campaign and special purpose giving
2. Rewrote the case statement making it more upbeat and optimistic about the future, and being “Act II” of the campaign
3. Added to the top prospects universe by identifying and creating engagement plans for high capacity donor candidates
4. Generated a relationship map to link volunteers with prospects
5. Engaged volunteers in more interesting ways and energized leaders to lead


The campaign was reenergized and completed, raising its goal of $18 million.

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