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Major Donor Pipeline Development

Prospect Discovery

Build a top donor candidates list. Establish criteria to identify your best donor candidates so you can focus and “fish where the fish are.”

Prospect Relationship Screening

Screen and filter top major donor candidates. A process for volunteers, executives and others to review the top major donor candidate list and easily indicate the depth of their relationships. Use to build engagement strategies and determine the interests of the candidate for further development.

Relationship Mapping Process and Report

Accelerate the assignment of volunteers to top donor candidates. An at-a-glance overview of the scope, depth, and nature of relationships between advancement volunteers/staff and major donor candidates. Accelerate the important and often laborious process of assigning the appropriate volunteer facilitators to top gift prospects, and use the map to help open doors for initial discovery meetings.

Corporate Sponsorship Engagement Matrix

Organize your multi-faceted sponsorship programs. Matrix for organizing and simplifying corporate sponsorship programs with annual and multi-year benefits, at various tiered options, for multiple events.

Case-Donor Matrix

Align donor candidate constituencies with fundraising priorities.

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