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  1. Anonymous

    I thought the US tax system was to raise monies to fund essential government services as defined by the federal and state constitutions? When taxes started being used to implement government policies, that is when the system started breaking down.

    Tax rates may have been higher and income equality less severe, but find that irrefutable corollary between the two … besides, virtually everyone PAID some income tax. Now, half the population pays NO federal income tax. They have no skin in the game, so of course they want government to grow!

    If anything, government is taking over MORE of what us nonprofits used to do, and we do it a heck of a lot more efficiently than virtually ANY government agency can!

    How can one state that the "safety net supports are eroding" when TWICE as many people are now on food stamps as when Pres. Obama took office? I was recently in a grocery store line and the man in front of me bought FILET MIGNON with food stamps while I bought hamburger on sale, and I am the one paying HIS food bill. Crazy …

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