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jump the gap

Man jump through the gap. Element of design.


  1. James Campbell

    Maybe they believe in private support rather than government support for the important initiatives you mention and are simply "putting their money where their mouth is." Just because someone supports conservative values doesn't mean they don't support medical research, environmental conservation or the arts. It just means they believe the primary revenue should come from a source other than the government (taxpayers).

  2. Kevin D. Feldman

    Larry, your example you use is full of holes. I could address each issue, but all you needed to say was the "Affordable Care Act." If you don't know the stats of hard-working people who have been cut for their own private health insurer because of Obama-care, then I can't help you. The Affordable Care Act is a failure, and President Obama has been backpedalling since its inception.

    There is a greater problem with wealthy donors who promote the creation of individual and family dependency on government.

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