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After six years, the planMGO 4-Day Master Gift Officer Immersion continues to improve and enable more and more advancement professional to achieve new levels of performance with ease and confidence. The following comments from participants of this past (sold out) April session speak to the effectiveness of addressing the role of human behavior of both the gift officer and the donor. This, plus the integration of “how-to” tactics, practice and stories make for a winning training strategy.

If you want to take your fundraising skills to the next level, then planMGO is the way to do it. I learned things about myself that will be invaluable to my fundraising career. I also learned how to efficiently and strategically work the process and, most importantly, how to MAKE THE ASK! I feel empowered and ready to go raise more money for my nonprofit.

Kudos to you and Diane for putting together a marvelous session. I want to share that I have been smiling like crazy, pumping the endorphins into my system. That tip, alone, was worth the tuition! I used it last night on my way to my final interview for a new position. I had dinner with the search committee — and by the end of the dinner, I had CLOSED THE DEAL. They didn’t know what hit them. I’m going to make a nameplate for my (new) desk that says “The Closer.” I needed confidence. You provided it. Now I am going to go raise TONS of money as the new President & CEO of the Cape and Islands United Way. Thank you both!Barbara Milligan, President & CEO, Highfield Hall & Gardens…soon to be President & CEO, Cape and Islands United Way, MA

I left an intense four-day weekend feeling both further equipped and really inspired. I couldn’t wait to get back so I could start using the actual things that I had both learned and practiced across the weekend. It felt like a really good use of limited training dollars. Sara Gibson, Chief Development and Communications Officer, Miriam’s Kitchen, Washington, DC

This conference provided me with essential fundamentals for fundraising that I have not seen at any other conference, for example the need to look at and own our own experience and views concerning money and reflect on how that comes to bear on our work. I loved the fact that throughout, the conference “Amplfied the Positive.” And the atmosphere and experiences fostered a collegiality that is beyond compare. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate! Liza Martina, Central Region Director of Development, NC State University, College of Ag & Life Sciences

The conference exceeded my expectations. I appreciate that it incorporated information about personality and demeanor in addition to helpful strategy about building relationships that will lead to meaningful gifts. I have already recommended the conference to several colleagues. Andrea Diehl, Philanthropy Officer , Hazelden Foundation, MN

How wonderful to attend a conference that hammers home the key elements of the work we must do as MGO’s. Devoting particular sessions that break down rapport building, making the ask, and understanding, using DISC, who is across the table, were especially meaningful to me. Sharing the weekend with amazing peers and extraordinary program leaders was terrific. The work with listening skills and the recognition that “donors leave clues” was an “ah ha” moment too. The four day format created a “retreat” environment allowing for mental detachment from the office and increased receptivity of conference material. I left feeling refreshed and recharged…ready to approach my work with newly informed perspectives. Thank you! Jo-Ann Lovejoy, Major Gift Officer, Middlesex School, MA


And just what makes a advancement professional a Master Gift Officer? All Master Gift Officers demonstrate at least ten of the following skills and traits:
1. A clear sense of purpose and the conviction that their work contributes to them having a meaningful life.
2. A genuine passion, commitment, and knowledge surrounding the cause for which they develop funds.
3. The skill to establish genuine rapport almost instantly with just about anyone.
4. The ability to create and sustain meaningful long-term relationships with people who have a wide range of personality types and diverse cultural backgrounds.
5. The ability to listen with an interested and open mind, and in turn, be nonjudgmental and authentically caring about others.
6. Possess intellectual curiosity, disciplined learning, and the ability to rapidly integrate knowledge.
7. Routinely demonstrate excellence as a leader, collaborator and teambuilder.
8. Possess exceptional communication skills with the ability to inspire and motivate through both logic and emotion.
9. Embody confidence, comfort and true pleasure in skillfully asking for gifts of all sizes and types.
10. Execute on the deep understanding of institutional priorities and giving vehicles¸ and the discipline to create and implement cultivation and solicitation strategies.
11. Practice total respect and commitment to ethical philanthropy professional practices and conduct.
12. Radiate immense energy, self-motivation, and dedication to goal achievement.
13. Act upon high emotional and social intelligence.
14. Possess a sincere and positive attitude; a MGO routinely sees possibilities and expresses optimism.
15. Consistently follows through in all endeavors; a MGO takes responsibility and closes the loops.
© 2011 Diane Blumenson, Philanthropy Leadership Advancement Nexus & Copley Raff Inc.

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