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COVID-19: When is it Time to Start Campaign Planning or to Launch a Campaign?

The decision to undertake planning for a major gift campaign is hard enough during normal times- otherwise known as “the good old days”. But today, with the potential for subsequent waves of Covid-19 infections, deciding to mount a campaign is a more complicated undertaking.

The campaign that was urgent four months ago may need to be quite different now. And, more fundamentally, the way your organization fulfills its mission may have to change, given your current and anticipated conditions. These challenges and uncertainties also extend to the giving capacity and new priorities of your individual and institutional donors, government funders, and contractors.

Silver Linings

While good news is in short supply, there are silver linings. This crisis has probably revealed loyal supporters who responded generously to your appeals, board and volunteer leaders who have risen to the challenge and helped stabilize your organization, and staff, though working remotely, who have become a more cohesive and effective team.

A Gift for You

When making a decision to start campaign planning or a campaign, you will need a disciplined process to identify and weigh many key variables. To this end, Copley Raff offers you this decision-making tool to help you understand where you and your organization stand, to ensure conditions are right to successfully start campaign planning and launch … or to relaunch a campaign.

This is just one of Copley Raff’s suite of homegrown Advancement Tools, which are designed to help you assess needs, design and execute programs, and measure results. Combined with our expert counsel, coaching, and guidance, Copley Raff stands ready to help you deliver creative, efficient, focused … and successful advancement programs.

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