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🎲 Game-changer institutional self-esteem

There is a reason some organizations regularly receive 7,8, and 9-figure gifts.  They have high institutional self-esteem, and their leaders are emboldened to divine a lofty vision and inspire prominent people to join them. This is a self-fulfilling cycle that you can create for your organization.

Leadership matters:  Donors consider the quality and track record of the people who lead the organization.

  • The CEO needs to have a bold vision and inspire passion and urgency.
  • The board must also be confident and excited about realizing the vision.
  • If you want to raise $10M, you need a $10M vision.

Work it:  Create a strategic plan that supports an inspirational and aspirational vision. It is not unusual for the vision genesis to come from the advancement office because fundraisers need to inspire donors to give, and the organization’s vision can do that. Once the plan is in place, help the CEO and key board members learn to express and drive the vision.  Then, you too can be confident to ask for 6,7,8 & 9-figure gifts.

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