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🤹‍♂️Campaign cabinets take new shape

The nature of campaign cabinets, the beating heart of a campaign, is increasingly decentralized. In addition to your core of volunteers who meet regularly, spot players willing to help with particular people but who don’t want to attend meetings must also be considered part of the cabinet.

Why it matters: While campaigns are more and more staff-driven, access to donor candidates provided by volunteers is still central to success. People on the periphery who are willing to assist with intelligence and introductions but who do not attend cabinet meetings are just as important. They effectively carry portfolios and serve the same function as the core cabinet group. So consider them part of your cabinet, even though their name may not appear on the list of cabinet members.

Work it:  Cabinet recruitment should prioritize core membership. The larger the group, the greater access to more universes of potential donors. When volunteers offer to help informally, with access to key donor candidates, sign them up and treat them as you do cabinet members.

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