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Education About Mission, Programs, and Initiatives

Research has shown that the more a donor is knowledgeable about a stakeholder organization’s mission and programs, the more they give (Bank of America Private Bank Study of Wealthy Americans). Now that you have a donor pipeline and have assigned the most accessible donors to various portfolios, and discovery visits have been made, it is time to create individualized engagement plans. The focus of these plans is to build a more personal relationship with donors while educating them about your organization and its mission and the role of philanthropy in success.

The results of the plan will help inform the gift you will eventually ask of your donor, using a new tool being announced on September 12th. It’s called Abacus, and we’re going to tell you more about it on September 12. Count on something wonderful!

Tactics and Touches

Each donor should have at least one “touch” monthly. A “touch” is when there is interaction or information sharing with a donor and a reciprocal response from the donor. It could be an email exchange about something going on at your organization or a shared article of interest to the donor, and the donor responds to you. Tours, attending events, a meeting or meal with a content expert from your organization, or a simple phone call to see how the donor is doing all qualify as a touch. These need to be planned and have an objective for the exchange that further educates the donor and moves them toward a gift discussion.

Setup Donor Google Alerts

I highly recommend you set up a Google Alert for each person in your portfolio and/or on their business. When you get an alert or run across an article about something likely to be of interest to your donor, share it with a handwritten note or digitally. You will stand out and continue to have an open door to the donor to further the relationship and to set up a meeting for a gift conversation.

Help with Asks is On the Way

We’re introducing something new that can help with Asks. It’s called Abacus. We’re going to tell you more about it on September 12. Visit our launch countdown website to follow along.


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