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Comprehensive fundraising management and campaign consulting for nonprofit organizations throughout the nation

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We provide comprehensive fundraising management consulting services that “move the needle” including Advancement Pathway Planning, Capacity & Sustainability, Campaigns, Training & Coaching and much more.

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We serve nonprofit organizations nationwide and internationally in virtually every sector and with campaigns of all sizes. We’ve valuably served hundreds of organizations with many on a recurring basis.

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We’re more than just a consultant that validates your plans. We work intimately with you to “Raise Your Sights” across your entire enterprise so you can “Reach Your Goals” and “Move the Needle,” profoundly.

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We become part of your team and ensure your leadership standing is elevated within your organization. Through deep and comprehensive discovery, we plot a course, and align staff to reach objectives and goals.

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What’s on your mind?


What’s working and what needs improvement?

Strategic Planning

We need to evolve to survive and thrive

Tactical Planning

We have a strategic plan. How do we get there?

Feasibility Study

Are we ready for a campaign?

Campaign Study

What’s the goal and best plan for success?

Campaign Leadership

We need someone to coach and partner with leadership

Major Donors

We need more!

Direct Mail

How can we leverage direct mail for major giving?


How do we craft major gift asks and gift amounts?


We need a better Donor Relationship Management system

Data Analytics

How do we use our donor data to optimize fundraising?

Broaden Team

How do I assess and optimize my team?

Executive Placement

We need strong leadership for our development team

Become a Master Gift Officer

How can I develop my fundraising technique and confidence to the highest level?

Team & Personal Coaching

We need to address specific challenges and opportunities

Board Training

How do I get leadership aligned with development objectives?

Let’s Talk

Together We Can Make Big Things Happen. Let’s see what makes sense for you!

Core Services

Campaigns & Feasibility Studies

Planned, feasible, realistic, engaging, stakeholder inclusive, leadership and case centric.

Major Donor Pipeline Development

Methodical, researched, stakeholder inclusive, relationship centric, actionable.

Strategic & Tactical Planning

Dynamic, aspirational, detailed, inclusive, living planning process.

Training & Coaching

Customized, focused, engaging, interactive, empowering, success oriented.

Master Gift Officer

Become a Master Gift Officer

Exclusively created and refined by Copley Raff, the Master Gift Officer is the ultimate opportunity for Advancement professional development. Master Gift Officers are prepared to revolutionize donor relationships, execute successful asks, and ensure sweeping enhancements to fundraising outcomes.

What is a Master Gift Officer?

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planMGO logo Learn More about our Program

“How will my organization secure funds to support our new accountable care community health programs and their measurement?”

Novel Perspectives and Strategies for Clinician Fundraising Partnership

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Accountable Care and Affordable Care

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Education About Mission, Programs, and Initiatives

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