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Master Gift Officer Trigger List
  You are probably asking, what is a Master Gift Officer?  That is a term we have coined that is the focus of our PLAN-MGO 4-day Master Gift Officer event.  Today, what matters in the fundraising world are skills and the ability to build authentic relationships, not titles or restrictive boundaries. Gift range responsibilities are […]
The Case for Gray Hair
  The advancement profession is a rare sector where there is advantage to being “older” – a member of the gray haired workforce.  This designation most applies to those 55+ men (who still have hair of course) where our female colleagues often find more stylish alternatives.  The logic goes that most of our best donors […]
Managing the Messiah Moment
The new chief advancement officer or CEO or consultant is not the “savior”, and managing this expectation must be done boldly and early.  How many times have you heard it from volunteers or the organization CEO… “Once so and so starts we’ll start raising the money we need.” It is often said in development committee […]
Leadership… Be Careful
By Larry Raff In Leadership & Management Posted November 2, 2011 0 Comments
Leadership is the essential ingredient to successful fundraising and advancement, and must come from both staff and volunteers.  Much has been documented and validated about the qualities and character traits of great leaders as well as the fabric of leadership.  Far less has been written about the art and science concerning the process of choosing […]
Either… Or
There are few greater challenges in the profession than serving as the chief advancement officer (CAO) of a small to midsized shop.  Your boss and board have high expectation for your department and yet have little appreciation or understanding of the true dimensions, complexities, and public exposure risks (think gala) of running a high performance […]
Where Are The Mentors?
Success… some folks are born with a natural tendency for it, but in reality most of us need a little help to achieve it.  This is especially true when it comes to career development in the world of non-profit fundraising.  Being in my third decade in the advancement profession, I got to thinking recently about […]

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