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Harm Averted is Benefit Unseen

Recognizing success can be elusive. And staff, who are closest to the “action”, are often least aware of how their work and their organization are making a difference. I know this is counterintuitive, as evaluation and planning are so much of our work. Here is a story to illustrate my point. During interviews with staff and board members of a ...
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COVID-19: When is it Time to Start Campaign Planning or to Launch a Campaign?

The decision to undertake planning for a major gift campaign is hard enough during normal times- otherwise known as "the good old days". But today, with the potential for subsequent waves of Covid-19 infections, deciding to mount a campaign is a more complicated undertaking. The campaign that was urgent four months ago may need to be quite different now. And, ...
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Coaching is More Valuable Than Ever as We Change the Advancement Paradigm

Every serious athlete has a coach. Every successful executive has or has had a coach. Every successful fundraiser has or has had a coach. Why? Good coaches help you find the excellence that is in you. They are versed in the behavioral dynamics of teams and organizations and can detect beliefs and fears that may be keeping you from reaching ...
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Hard Times are a Two-Sided Coin

I started my career in food banking in Portland OR in the early 1980’s. Fresh out of graduate school with a masters-degree in public health and clinical nutrition, I moved to Portland. Then two-weeks later I narrowly survived a house fire that consumed everything I owned. Ronald Reagan was just elected president and the public health sector and worker rights ...
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Fundraising in the Time of COVID-19

There is nothing like a global pandemic to create a bit of uncertainty in the minds of EVERYONE! Uncertainty is the mortal enemy of stock traders and investors. Security in having appreciated stock may become a relic of days gone by. Workers who live on an hourly wage and not a salary are fearful of dramatic hourly cuts as employers ...
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2020 Vision – Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

Happy New Year! There is reason to be encouraged about 2020, with regard to advancement at least, and reason to do some adapting to the challenges the new year will bring. Opportunities The 2018 tax law has now been with us for a couple of years and we may be settling into the new normal after declines in giving by ...
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